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It is miraculous!

Dear Louise,

I am amazed how the body progresses with the Bowen technique and particularly with one female patient whose calf had been crushed in a ski accident, 16 years ago. After one year in the hospital, the after-effects where a mass of flesh intertwined and glued to the bone. When bare footed, she could only walk on the tip of her toes.

She has tried many modalities. Her distorted foot caused much pain. I started the Bowen treatment 18 months ago with sessions every month or so. Progressively the flesh detached itself from the bone and I was completely flabbergasted to see the calf was re-forming. The scar tissues closed up. The posterior muscle chain of the leg became functional between the root of the thigh and the sole of the foot.
She can now lay down her foot completely. She feels the muscles working. The skin grafts left fibrous red rolls of scar tissue on her buttocks and on the inner part of her leg. They are now reduced to flexible fine white lines.

We continue to work together. The psychological impact is enormous. She went through heavy phases: frozen back for weeks… she had to let go so much on the emotional level. She persevered and I have faith.

It is miraculous! Thank you Louise, from the bottom of my heart for having transmitted this powerful modality that I, with great results, combine with muscular chains, Chinese points and meridians.

Violaine Preitner, St Prex, Switzerland


Helen's shoulder

Helen (64) is a diabetic awaiting a heart transplant. A childhood bout of rheumatic fever left her with a heart that is presently working to 15% capacity. Then eight months ago she suffered a stroke and lost over fifty pounds. Determined to heal, Helen had been going for physiotherapy up to three times a week. When I met her for the first Bowen session, she showed concern about her right arm. It felt very numb and she could not lift it without using her other hand to assist and even then she could only lift the arm just inches past her waist. Her right hand curled into a tight fist and she demonstrated to me how she could open these fingers using her other hand. Even then she had to concentrate intensely.

Because of Helen’s frail body physique and condition, I made the Bowen moves incredibly light. Some moves were practically “air” Bowen. The plan was to do all BRMs and the shoulders. However, after the BRMs, Helen stated that she was very tired. We ended the session and she sat on a couch awaiting her ride home. As she drank water she commented, “Look at this!” She rotated her right shoulder in little circles. Helen got quite excited and kept working the shoulder and lifting her right arm. With giggles of pleasure, she showed me how she could lift the right arm higher and higher. Within an hour she could lift the right arm with her left hand up to shoulder height! Not only that, but she could open her fingers and flatten her right hand upon her thigh without using her other hand.

Over the next few days Helen reported to me how her mobility improved where, with her left hand, she could lift her right arm straight up in the air. She could open her hand more easily too. It is now a month later and Helen is lifting weights and doing circuit training on a universal gym to build up muscle so she can lift her arm unassisted. She said she could not do these weight exercises before Bowen because of the limited mobility. In physiotherapy she lies on a bed with her right arm dropped to the floor and she can now lift it up to the bed without using the other hand. Helen had other good news. She has been told that her heart has improved and she does not need a new pacemaker at this time. Her determination and courage has taken her beyond what doctors tell her she is capable of. It is amazing to see how the most gentle Bowen moves have played such a role in her healing. She would have had another Bowen session by now but she lives a distance from me and we have not yet been able to connect.
I had only completed Modules 1 to 4 when I worked on Helen. My instructor, Kim Guerin, repeatedly taught me “less is more”. How true, how true! I was reduced to happy tears when I saw how the lightest and most basic Bowen moves made such a profound difference for a woman who had undergone so much and persevered. I can only imagine how more Bowen sessions will help her on her healing journey.

Jo-Ann Kennedy, Balgonie SK

Bowen gets them in and Bowen gets them out!

I got pregnant with my first baby the first time I tried at age 37; that was in 1998. When she was about 14 months old, my husband and I decided to try for a second baby. After the first month and the second month and the third month and the fourth month and the fifth month and the sixth month, it was very strange that I wasn’t getting pregnant.

So I went to the gynecologist for exams: everything was fine. I even coerced my husband into doing a sperm test: everything was fine. I started taking
homeopathic remedies for another five months and still no pregnancy. Then I decided to see an acupuncturist and I had about six weekly sessions. And still no pregnancy. Shortly after, I had lunch with my friend and former Bowen teacher, Louise Tremblay. I mentioned to her that I was trying to get pregnant for about a year using homeopathy and acupuncture and herbs and anything I could think of, because, as a naturopathic doctor, I have all these tools at my disposal and I often treat people who have infertility. Seeing my frustration, she said, ”Well, let me do Bowen on you.” As I was also a practitioner of Bowen, I told Louise that was a great idea; we should have done it a while ago. We agreed to get together in the next couple of days.

Of course, when I had been trained in Bowen I learned there was a coccyx move that could help pregnancy but somehow I just didn’t pursuit it. Strange sometimes how the things right under our noses are the things we don’t see! So Louise Tremblay treated me. She did the basic moves and the coccyx move. She reiterated the protocol about when to try and I followed her instructions to the letter and the next month I was pregnant. Now, call this coincidence? Possibly. I had a very nice baby, baby number two.

About 18 months later, my husband and I decided to have a third baby. I hoped it would happen fairly quickly. But finally I was in the same position: after eight months still no pregnancy. I tried acupuncture again. Still no pregnancy. I called Louise Tremblay and I said “Well, Louise, I don’t really want to wait a year or more so we should do the same thing you did last time. Remember, I got pregnant right after you did it.” She said: “Of course we should do it.” So I saw her a couple days later. She did another Bowen series on me including the coccyx move and the next month I was pregnant. Call it a coincidence? Now I doubted it.

I had a healthy pregnancy but started to feel anxious toward the end as my husband was supposed to be out of town at a conference until one or two days before my due date. I invited Louise Tremblay to be my back-up person in case I went into labor early. She would be there with me to deliver the baby at home with the midwife, the same one with whom I had delivered the last one at home. She agreed. I felt comfortable with Louise because we had become friends over the years since the second pregnancy and because she has a very calm and steady presence which I knew would be very appreciated during labor. Also she is a great homeopath and Bowen practitioner and I thought those things might come in handy if need be.

I went into labor late which was lucky because my husband was able to be there. Louise attended the birth. It was a very slow and weak labor and at the very end of it, after 8 hours, I had a lot of trouble pushing the head out. My cervix was fully dilated and I was pushing but the head wouldn’t move. This is nerve racking at any point but especially during a home birth because you always have the idea in the back of your head that you may need to be transported, which was not in my birth plan! Finally Louise said: “why don’t we do the coccyx move?” Of course, it is only safe to do the coccyx move on at pregnant woman at the end of labor when she is fully dilated. The midwife didn’t seem too trilled with the idea because I am sure she did not know what the coccyx move was, but I told Louise to go ahead. She did the coccyx move and the baby was born about two minutes later.

After about 20 minutes of holding the baby, my midwife was concerned that I hadn’t delivered the placenta yet. So she started massaging my belly and pulled on it a little bit but it still wasn’t coming out. So Louise said: “lets do another coccyx move.” She did it and the placenta came out two minutes later. All I have to say is, I am very sensitive to the coccyx move.

So we considered naming our little boy Tom… or Louis.

Bowen gets them in and Bowen gets them out!

Dr. Lisa Samet, N.D.


You should be proud of what you are doing!

Hi to my fellow Bowen students and my honorable teacher,

Do you remember, I had a few questions about the “gentle stroke of the forearm” after Move 2 of the Forearm Procedure? Being Cartesian with scientific training and being an Osteopath on top of all that… I need to understand what I am doing when treating my patients. The Bowen technique is very effective at bringing out this type of questioning! As this “gentle stroke” appeared to me to be very light and unnecessary so I asked Louise about it and she replied: “I don’t know, just do it”.

Last week, a patient who had loved her first Bowen session came back for a second one to address her arms and wrists. She had surgery for both carpal tunnels without not much results.

I did BRM1, 2, 3, Shoulder, Elbow/Wrist and Forearm… and the famous “gentle stroke of the forearm”… and then suddenly an enormous emotion sprung up, with spasmodic breathing, with uncontrollable sobs, etc. I covered the patient and she laid there for half an hour.

When she got up and joined me, she was grinning from ear to ear and she said: “Sir, you should be proud of what you are doing, what you have given me is worth all the money in the world. This was stuck in me for many years. When you gently stroked my arms, it was as if you have pulled it out of me, it was enormous.”

And me who, in the pause, was reading the instruction manual and asking myself: “Should I or should I not do «gentle stroke of the forearm»? This story is interesting because it underlscores the power of the Bowen technique and that it should be practiced as in the Instruction Manuals even if we do not understand it totally and we do not know all of the intellectual thoughts of Tom Bowen.

Michel Jacquet, Étaples, Pas-de-Calais, France

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