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My left side

One of Louise Tremblay’s students, Jean Desrosiers, came to Modules 3-4 with many case studies showing the amazing effects of the Bowen technique. In the 10 weeks between Modules 1-2 and 3-4, Jean had done 172 Bowen sessions. In the following testimony, only BRM 1, 2 and 3 were used.

“On April 3rd, 1997, I was victim of a stroke. The recovery was very long because half of my body was paralysed for 2 months. I got back 57% use of my left leg but I was unable to walk a complete step because of the rigidity of my ankle. This made me limp pronouncedly. I only recovered 47% use of my left arm, including a rigid and permanent twitch of my left hand.

“When Jean Desrosiers started his training in Bowen technique, he immediately offered to try it on me. From the first session using BRM 1, 2 and 3, the response of my body was extraordinary. I immediately felt an immense flow of energy circulating throughout my body, followed by intense heat that literally woke up my body especially the left side which had been profoundly asleep for 12 years. The most spectacular effect of this first treatment was that I felt my left leg returning to its original position in my hip. This cut down my limping by 30% and it enabled me to take a full step including the complete stretching of my ankle.

“I now have a much better equilibrium and I am able to balance on my left leg. Each Bowen session makes me regain more physical ability on my left side even though I thought it was gone forever. For 12 years, I thought that the right side of my body was balanced and the left side was very unstable. The subsequent Bowen sessions awakened and re-balanced my whole body, which is a great joy for me. As long as M. Desrosiers is willing to treat me, I will receive it with extreme gratefulness. I cherish the rebirth of the mobility of my body, which this illness had made me forget. Thank you!"

Jean-Claude Létourneau, Ham-Nord, QC
December 1st, 2008


The Ironman needs you and Bowen!

What an opportunity it would be for you to follow the example of Marie-Josée St-Onge of Quebec City, Canada!! She is doing voluntary services at the Ironman World Triathlon Championship treating the athletes with the Bowen technique. The race encompasses three endurance events; a 3.8 km swim, a 180 km bike ride, and a marathon (42 km). The current course record winning time is a bit over 8 hrs. It is easy to imagine the athlete’s healing needs.
Guy Rossi, a 60 year old Frenchman, runs the triathlon all over the world. In July 2008, he ran the double triathlon of Quebec City. This is his testimony:

“The back pain that I had for 6 months became very acute in the Quebec ultra-triathlon (a 7.6 km swim, a 360 km bike ride, and a double marathon (84 km). I had to stop running after 18 km, and there where 66 km left to the finish line. I then had the chance to meet Marie-Josée St-Onge who had the generosity to give a 1 and a half hour Bowen session. Afterwards I followed her recommendations: rest, drink a lot of water and walk… back home in France, I was able to start training again as if the back pain that stopped me from swimming and running had disappeared. It is simply tremendous. And I spread the word all around me. Already a physiotherapist from Marseille will offer Bowtech’s training and athletes from Alsace will contact the Bowen Practitioners of the region. All blessings! Thanks again to Marie-Josée for her patience, kindness and obviously her efficiency. Sportingly,”

Guy Rossi

There are triathlons all over the world, specially in Australia, Europe, USA, Mexico. Google “triathlon” for one near your home or go to and

Bowen for marathon runner

On August 2, 2008, while running in a 12 hour race in New York, I had the profound pleasure to meet Marie-Josee St. Onge.

Four hours into the run, she offered to perform a Bowen treatment which would help me to run better. After six minutes of work, I felt as strong and relaxed as I had hours before.

She helped me again eight and ten hours along. Each time, I was refreshed and energized after she used her skills to relieve my fatigue and give my muscles new life and make me feel like so incredibly good.

I had my best times for 50 miles, 100 kilometers and 12 hours thanks to her magic!


Dr. Jon Schmeyer, MD
McSherrystown, PA, USA

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