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May 26, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

This is an unsolicited testimonial for the benefits I’ve received from Bowen Therapy administered by Jitka Vok, ND.

I’ve had chronic pain for over 10 years from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, herniated discs and a few bowel disorders. I can no longer take pain killers, anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants due to damage from these drugs to my liver. My options for pain management have been very limited.

After only four sessions of treatment with Bowen Therapy, I have less pain than I’ve felt for at least 8 years. I injured my back the day before my second session, but kept my appointment, hoping for some help. I hobbled into the clinic doubled over at the waist and barely able to walk, even with a cane. An hour later I left, standing almost straight and able to walk far more easily. The pain was significantly reduced. Aside from that specific injury, I’ve also experienced a huge reduction in the muscle and tendon pain from Fibromyalgia. This has allowed my muscles to loosen and therefore they are not creating so much pressure on my joints. My joints also have less pain, as does my lower back. Even my bowel function has improved and did so after one session. My range of motion and flexibility have improved so much that I’ve been able to resume exercising to regain fitness and strength.

My cheerful mood and optimism have returned after a long absence. My sense of well-being is remarkable. I’m telling everyone I meet about Bowen Therapy because I wish that someone had told me about this a decade ago. I highly recommend this therapy and Dr. Vok. She is a compassionate, calm person who immediately put me at ease. Her professionalism was demonstrated by the very complete medical history she had me provide. I found her very knowledgeable about all my conditions and any medications I take or have taken in the past. She made sure before my first session that my expectations of Bowen Therapy were realistic, not promising that this is the answer for curing everything. That reassured me, too.

I’m happy to verify the contents of this testimonial to anyone who may wish to call me about it. My number is 519 267-1428.

Elinor Venuti
1104-250 Lena Crescent
Cambridge, Ontario

N1R 8R4 Bowenwork has been found to significantly help people with the following conditions:


• frozen shoulder
• shoulder pain
• tennis elbow
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• arthritic pain
• sporting injuries
• headaches
• TMJ syndrome

• scoliosis
• migraine
• postural problems
• gait disorders
• leg length discrepancies
• plantar fasciitis
• shin splints
• fibromyalgia
• foot and ankle problems
• hernia
• knee and hip restrictions
• pelvic problems
• sciatica


• infertility
• mastitis
• premenstrual syndrome
• breast lumps
as well as...
• chronic fatigue syndrome
• balance problems
• tinnitus
• bed-wetting in children
• prostatic problems
• hemorrhoids
• earache and ear infections


• asthma
• bronchitis
• hay fever
• sinusitis
• allergies

• constipation
• colic
• Crohn’s disease
• indigestion
• bowel problems


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